Tigernet has temporarily moved

Greetings Morehouse User, services previously available in the Tigernet Portal have moved to Banner Web Self-Service and will remain there until the Fall of 2017.


We are currently in the process of upgrading the Tigernet Portal to better serve our end users.

How do I reach Banner Web?

  1. In a web browser navigate to http://myportal.morehouse.edu
  2. Sign-in using your Morehouse username and password (This is what you use to sign-in to MyPortal)
  3. In the User Portal, locate the Banner Web app and click to open
  4. Enter your Morehouse username WITHOUT the @morehouse.edu and your password

Is my username and password the same?

Your username will be similar to what you use to sign-in to MyPortal. You will continue to use firstname.lastname without the @morehouse.edu. Your password will be the same that you use to login to MyPortal.

For example, if your username is john.doe@morehouse.edu and your password is 123456 then you will use john.doe for your username and 123456 for your password.

Will Banner Web look different?

Yes, and for that reason we have attached a few guides to help you navigate commonly accessed function such as Payroll, Grades, Payments and more.